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There are many ways to design an antenna, but the Yagi-Uda is definitely the most interesting. It was designed in 1926 by Shintaro Uda & Hidetsuga Yagi at the Tohoku Imperial University in Japan and these days they are still commonly used for WiFi and cellular communications thanks to its fantastic performance and ability to withstand years of use outdoors. However these days no one calls this style of antenna by it's original name and just use "yagi". 

Our Yagi antenna was built around the original design concept and modified for extreme performance on the 2.4GHz and the 5Ghz WiFi spectrum. In other words, when you use our USA Design and made antenna, you can expect up to 1 mile of range in the direction you point it. The WiFi is a 14dBi directional antenna with a 32-36 degree beam width. 

Mounting is comes in two options, you can use it indoors by mounting it on your desk or shelf, but you can also use it outdoors. The indoor version comes with a tripod for standing as well as 3ft of our custom L-195 cable with an SMA-RP connector which will work with 99% of routers that have a detachable antenna or any USB adapter. The outdoor version is the same exact antenna but the mounting hardware included allows you to mount on a pole in order to get elevation and better aim. The outdoor antenna also Includes a N-Female connector which works with all our cable assemblies.


Just released is the first of it's kind dual band Yagi Cantenna. Thanks to hours of engineering and design work we were able to split the incoming signal on one cable through two different high gain Yagi elements. The result is a fantastic dual band Yagi Cantenna combo able to produce very high gain patterns on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency. This is the world's best performing high gain Yagi Cantenna!

All 2.4GHz antennas work on 802.11b/g/n protocols up to 150 MBPS.  
All 5GHz antennas work on 802.11n/a/ac/ac2 with speeds up to 1.3 GBPS.

The WiFi Yagi is a favorite among internet security specialists and it is one of our best selling antennas in our companies history. 

 Yagi Type Gain (Strength) Signal Width Range Frequency
Outdoors 14 dBi 36 Degrees 1.5 Miles
Indoors 14 dBi 36 Degrees 0.5 Mile
Indoors 15 dBi 32 Degrees 1 Mile 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz

Radiation Pattern Plots of Dual Band Yagi Cantenna WiFi

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