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WiFi Coaxial Cables

When it comes to cable in the WiFi world, you have two types to choose from depending on your devices and network implementation. For communication between an antenna with a router, access point or USB adapter you will need to use a coaxial cable assembly. For communication between "radios" like routers and/or access points you will need to use Ethernet cable. 

When choosing Ethernet cable, you can run 324 feet without signal loss or "attenuation" occurring on the most common ethernet standard found today, CAT 5. Since Ethernet can maintain data/signal over such a long run, it is the preferred way to connect network devices whenever possible.

However, when dealing with high gain (strong) outdoor antennas, you will find that you need coaxial cable to take signal from the inside source out to the antenna. The signal running along coaxial cable will leak at a specific rate depending on the thickness of the cable. The thickness is determined by the amount of insulation which keeps the signal from "leaking" through. As a rule of thumb, always try to use the thickest cable that your budget allows. For example, our L-400 type cable will be less "lossy" than our L-195 or L-240 cable types thanks to the heavy insulating jacket. 

 Important term to look for is: Attenuation - This is the amount of "loss" in dB's that will occur over the cable run. Usually this is displayed against a cable run of 100ft and you deduct that amount of dB from the antenna's dB rating to to determine the actual gain.

Example: A 24dBi antenna + 100' L-400 cable with an attenuation of 6dB = 18 dBi expected gain due to the cable loss. 

(for you tech's, this is an oversimplification used to explain the basic concept)


All cables work on the WiFi frequencies used universally. 

 Cable Type Attenuation per 100' Thickness
Ethernet None - Up to 324' 0.245mm
L-195 Coax  18.82 dB 0.0195 inches
L-240 Coax
12.7 dBi 0.240 inches
L-400 Coax
6.6 dB 0.40 inches

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