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The WiFi parabolic grid is the best long range antenna for point to point (PTP) links. By design the parabolic grid is always going to have a very high gain and this a very narrow beam width which makes it a favorite among installers, municipalities and home users who need to transfer a signal from one specific point to another. 

The WiFi grid is ideal for someone using the Simple WiFi repeater to focus in on the signal source, as well as someone who wants to use a combination of two access points to create a "back haul" link. 

With the fantastic range and ability to main high internet speeds over long range links, comes the one drawback that will only be noticed when installing the antenna for the first time. Aiming the grid can be difficult since the beam width can be anywhere from 12 degrees down to 3 degrees depending on what frequency and size antenna you choose. In some cases even a few degrees off center can cause big differences in your signal strength, quality and speed. 

The antennas are outdoor rated to withstand years of use against the elements. The metal grid mesh allows for wind to pass through and not affect signal performance. All WiFi grid's come with an N-Female connector to accept cable extensions. 

We offer Parabolic grids on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Be sure to notice the frequency type of your point to point link since each antenna type will only work on the designed spectrum. 

All 2.4GHz antennas work on 802.11b/g/n protocols up to 150 MBPS. 
All 5GHz antennas work on 802.11n/a/ac/ac2 with speeds up to 1.3 GBPS.

 Panel Type Gain (Strength) Signal Width Range Frequency
Outdoors 21 dBi 12 Degrees 2 Mile 2.4 GHz
Outdoors 24 dBi 7 Degrees 5 Miles
2.4 GHz
Outdoors 24 dBi 7 Degrees 2 Mile
5 GHz
Outdoors 25 dBi 5  Degrees 2.5  Mile
5 GHz
Outdoors 27 dBi 3  Degrees 3  Mile 5 GHz
Outdoors 30 dBi 2 Degrees 5 Miles 5 GHz

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