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Yagi WiFi Antenna 2.4GHz Outdoor Directional 14dBi - B

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Yagi WiFi Antenna 2.4GHz Outdoor Directional 14dBi - B


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Yagi WiFi Antenna 2.4GHz Outdoor Directional 14dBi - B...



Outdoor mast or pole mount Yagi cantenna directional antenna. This is not a standard cantenna. It is a Yagi cantenna with 14 elements instead of the usual single element. A compact high power cantenna precisely tuned with its precision stamped full length radiator. Extremely lightweight, attached 6" L-195 style cable with N type female connector and mounting kit. It is white for less visual daytime impact and residential home installations. Easy to aim and lock into those weak signals, mounts to any vertical water pipe or TV antenna pole. balcony railings.

Send and receive WiFi signals from up to 3 miles away using the outdoor Cantenna. This antenna is a set and forget solution and meant to with stand years of sun, wind, rain and snow. Simple design with great results.

  • Ideal for home and office environments
  • Compatible with all 802.11b/g 11/54/125 mbs WiFi
  • Increases the speed of your WiFi connection
  • Extends Wireless LAN from building to building
  • LMR-195 cable 6" long with N female connector
  • Long Range WiFi signal finding
  • Mounts to any pipe or antenna mast 1" to 1.5" diameter
  • Requires a cable to reach your AP or Wifi card. N-male, SMA-RP male
  • Plugs into almost every single router with removable antennas
  • Bonus: Includes connector junction water sealant paste "Coax Seal"

Please order feedline cable N-male for antenna side and SMA-RP male or TNC-RP male for AP/card side, depending on your requirements. Plugs into almost every single wireless router or USB adapter with removable antennas. This antenna includes pole mount bracket kit.


Frequency Range 2390-2490MHz (2.39-2.49GHz)
Gain 14.3dBi TruGain Certified

1.2:1 @ 2.45GHz
2:1 @ band edges

Beamwidth, -3dB point Azimuth, Elevation 31 and 31 degrees
Cable Length, Type 6" RG-58 Dual Shield (LMR195 Equiv)
Connector N-female, Nickel Plated
Mounting 1" to 1-1/2" vertical mast
Wind Rating 90 MPH
Dimensions 17.5" long. 3" diamter
Weight 12 oz.

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Yagi WiFi Antenna 2.4GHz Outdoor Directional 14dBi - B