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Outdoor Access Point  2.4GHz w/antenna 11dBi

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Outdoor Access Point 2.4GHz w/antenna 11dBi


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Outdoor Access Point 2.4GHz w/antenna 11dBi ...


The APC Propeller 2 is a new generation wireless device designed for client and small scale base-station applications. It has a unique mechanism to do mechanical antenna parameter shifting and achieve the best performance in different operation modes (patent pending). This product is equipped with a high output power MIMO radio (up to 23 dBm) and 11 dBi dual-polarized antenna which make the device ideal for short to medium range wireless communication. Dual firmware image will allow safe software upgrades. The device will restart using the prior firmware in the event of an upgrade failure.

Mechanical antenna characteristics adjustment
The APC Propeller has a unique manual antenna characteristics adjustment, which allows using the device with a horizontal orientation for client mode. This greatly reduces interference, as the main noise source is on the azimuth. Alignment is easy as only left and right movement of the device is necessary (no need to move it upwards or downwards as the antenna angle on the elevation is wide).

Usage recommendation
PTP mode (two APC Propeller 2 devices): 8 km/ 4.97 mi
PTMP mode (APC Propeller 2 as a client device): 4 km/ 2.49 mi
PTMP full capacity mode (APC Propeller 2 as a client device): 1 km/ 0.6 mi
Maximum throughput: 160 Mbps

iPoll - proprietary wireless transmission protocol
Deliberant APC series products have an option to use extremely efficient proprietary point-to-multipoint protocol called iPoll™. It eliminates mediated access by polling every subscriber sequentially. The data transmission arbitration is accomplished by the access point. Proprietary iPoll™ protocol enables maximum bandwidth with the lowest possible latency.

WNMS - managing and monitoring your networks on the cloud
All Deliberant APC series devices can be managed and monitored using WNMS (Wireless Network Management System). A single software solution simplifies a large number of tasks for network administrators. WNMS Cloud version is available for those who are not willing to run it on an in-house servers.

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Outdoor Access Point 2.4GHz w/antenna 11dBi