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Building A Kit

What is needed:

  • A WiFi signal available
  • A WiFi Adapter (WiFi Radio)
  • WiFi Antenna
  • Cable to transfer signal (Not Always applicable)
  • A Laptop or PC

WiFi Kits Advanced

Setting up networks, hotspots, meshes or using a WiFi signal on multiple computers involves a more technical setup and configuration than a basic WiFi Kit. Common examples are:

  • Receiving a far away signal and redistributing that signal wirelessly through your home or office.
  • Sharing a signal between 2 routers in different locations.
  • Using a free signal wirelessly. Meaning with no antennas or cables on your laptop.

The equipment involved with this kind of set up is primarily:

  • Access points
  • Ethernet Cables
  • Wireless Routers (not sold in our store.)