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Flat Panel 2.4GHz 14.5 dBi WiFi Outdoor Antenna

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Flat Panel 2.4GHz 14.5 dBi WiFi Outdoor Antenna


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Flat Panel 2.4GHz 14.5 dBi WiFi Outdoor Antenna ...


The WiFi POWER Panel. The best power-gain to size ratio on the market! Very compact at 7-1/2" square and under 1" thick. Strong hard aluminum back plate, durable light gray (or beige) plastic front cover. This this is all utility, all performance, truck like quality. Incredible 14.5dBi performance (Trugain Certified) with an easy-to-aim 35 degree wide beamwidth.

Extremely robust construction, excellent to mount it and forget it for years of service. Attaches to a TV antenna mast, water pipe or any tubes or fencepost or balcony railings. This antenna has virtually the same gain and beam pattern (for practical purposes) compared to our Cantenna Yagi. So why do we sell both? The Yagi is easier to aim or point in a visual sense. Its what wardrivers prefer. This panel is more commercial grade and nearly indestructible. The Yagi is more "stealthy" for mobile wardriving than the panel with a large flat face. Flat wall-mount bracket kit optional available.

Send and receive WiFi signals up to 4 miles away using our set and forget WiFi panel. Place the outdoor WiFi antenna as high as you can to avoid as much interference as you can and enjoy free WiFi from your neighbors or blast your own signal from your router to that favorite spot of yours on the ranch. With a hurricane proof housing (true and actually tested during cat 4 hurricane) you can be sure that you will have WiFi for years to come.


  • Ideal for home and office environments
  • Compatible with all 802.11b/g 11/54/125 mbs WiFi
  • Increases the speed of your WiFi connection
  • Extends Wireless LAN from building to building
  • Long Range WiFi signal finding
  • Mounts to any pipe or antenna mast 1" to 1.5" diameter
  • Requires a cable to reach your AP or Wifi card. N-male, SMA-RP male
  • Plugs into almost every single router with removable antennas


Frequency Range 2.35 to 2.52GHz
Gain 14.5dBi Avg

1.9:1 @ band edges
1.2:1 avg. in WiFi Band

Beamwidth, -3dB point Azimuth and Elevation 34 and 33 degrees
Cable Length, Type Cable Not Included
Connector N-type Female
Mounting Toothed clamp & Strap fits 1/2" to 1-3/4" tube
Wind Rating 140 MPH
Dimensions 7.5" square, 1" deep (average) with bracket
Weight 16 oz.

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Flat Panel 2.4GHz 14.5 dBi WiFi Outdoor Antenna