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Please read our WiFi FAQs section for help before submitting your support questions

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Your CONTACT-US button support message will create a support ticket. The ticket provides proper tracking and best handling of your question. For better support, first please examine our large collection of educational videos, FAQs and help information.

  1. Info about your existing devices, if you are going to integrate them with new devices/antennas from us. Are you wanting the signal for ONE PC for any wireless device in your home?
  2. Distance you want to cover with your WiFi depends on conditions:
    • What are the details at the Access Point/Hotspot you want to reach?
    • Is there an AP inside on a desk or table?
    • Does it use an antenna outside? Height and what kind?
    • Is there a clear signal path (Line Of Sight) between your antenna and the hot spot?
    • How high will your antenna be? What kind or how big an antenna can you install?
    • What are the terrain conditions between you and the hot spot?
    • How far can you travel away from the hotspot, towards your location and still get the signal, at what level using a mobile? A laptop?
    • You should get roughly 1/3 of the distance, minimum, towards your location as an estimate.
  3. At your location, getting the hot spot for one PC? (Just use a wifi card via USB to the computer)
  4. At your location, getting the hot spot and distributing signal for many devices? (You will need an outdoor access point connected to an indoor access point via Ethernet cable)
  5. Wanting to broadcast your internet hotspot? See item 2.
  6. Send a Google Maps satellite image and mark signal point locations for discussion.

Tech Questions, Application and Use Before/after Buying (create a log-in)


Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base is loaded with wifi information. Look across the top tabs and check out each one. Here in one place is a large amount of basic info gathered and laid out after years of experience listening to our non-tech customers. This page alone can save you hours of Google searching for answers.

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Paid Support

Choose this for telephone live support or priority e-mail help by our Master’s Degree networking engineer, or our antennas, cables, signal propagation tech with 40 years’ experience. Use this for network issues outside the realm of our devices or antennas. Sometimes existing network issues and configurations are preventing one of our devices from working. You could get help designing a multipoint system or network, for example.

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