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Access Point Multi Function AP - Bridge - Repeater

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Access Point Multi Function AP - Bridge - Repeater


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Access Point Multi Function AP - Bridge - Repeater ...


Open Box, returns, showroom and sales rep demo units, include POE and power adapter, and short cable unit to POE. Long Ethernet cable not included. Closeout limited qty below cost. No tech support CABLE UPGRADE $6 NOT SELLABLE DO NOT CHOOSE

Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n and up to 150mbps data rate. It has a 12dBi built-in panel antenna and also has an external antenna port SMArp connection to connect a high powered antenna. This device is PoE(Power over Ethernet) design. Supports 20MHz and 40MHzbandwidth. Also, supports Virtual DMZ and Port Forwarding.

Wireless Modes

AP - This would be you basic access point mode.

AP Client - This mode uses repeater mode and access point mode at the same time. This mode allows you to grab a wireless signal, then the access point will transmit that signal or you can connect it to a wireless router to distribute the signal via WiFi. For example, you grab a public wifi hotspot with the access point, then the access point or router would repeat and transmit the signal so multiple devices can connect to that signal.

AP+WDS - This is a wireless connection of two routers, not a wired connection. You can bridge two access points together and have the access point function available as well. For example, you can have two access points bridged to eachother and still have the option to connect via WiFi to the access points.

WDS - This would be your secure bridge connection mode.

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Access Point Multi Function AP - Bridge - Repeater