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19dBi Parabolic Grid Antenna 2.4GHz closeout

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19dBi Parabolic Grid Antenna 2.4GHz closeout


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19dBi Parabolic Grid Antenna 2.4GHz closeout ...


Final closeout, clearance, possible scratches, open box, no dents, all parts included, nothing is missing. some actually new. None are used or returns, Some assembled for showroom displays or pictures then repacked.



The "little brother" of our other grid antenna, this round grid has a less visual impact than our larger one with very similar results for a lower price. At 19dBi it can send and receive signals up to 6 miles away mounted up on a pole, balcony or roof of the house. A narrow beam width ensures you get more per dollar on this grid.

This Parabolic Dish antenna is a grid reflector for minimum weight and wind resistance. This grid dish represents the most signal gain and directionality in an economical priced antenna. (The next step up is 2x weight, size and cost to obtain another 3dB of gain). This antenna provides an amazing 19dBi rating (tested 18.77dBi lab at TruGain) with a very narrow pinpoint signal beam just under 13 degrees wide.

This is the antenna which can provide many miles of signal propagation (provided proper height, obstruction clearance, power and antenna on other end). This antenna has a grid made of plated steel rods then electrostatic powder coated in a light gray finish. The feedhorn arm is a 12" long support for the dipole/reflector assembly. Easy to mount on a suitable antenna mast, water pipe or other support tube. Adjustable elevation angle is possible via the U-bolt mounting system.


Model G2419
Frequency Range 2.40-2.49GHz
Gain 19dBi Rated, 18.77dBi Actual

1.2:1 average

Beamwidth, -3dB point Azimuth 12.7 degrees
Beamwidth, -3dB point Elevation 12.0 degrees
Cable Length, Type 10" RG-8
Connector N-Type Female
Mounting U-Bolts from 1" to 2" mast
Wind Rating 120 MPH
Dimensions 24" round grid
Weight 3.2 lbs (4.8 lbs boxed)

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19dBi Parabolic Grid Antenna 2.4GHz closeout